Multi Rating

A simple star rating plugin which allows visitors to rate a post based on multiple criteria and questions. The plugin can be downloaded from plugins directory


  • Star rating is based on multuple rating criteria and questions
  • Shortcodes to display the rating form, rating results and top rating results
  • API functions for using Multi Rating in your theme
  • View the rating results and entry values from the WP-admin
  • Widgets to display the top rating results
  • SEO rich snippets are added to markup
  • Options to apply to different post types
  • Add custom weights to each multi-rating item to adjust overall rating results
  • Position settings for the automatic placement of the rating form before_content or after_contens and also rating results before_title or after_title
  • Settings to modify text, apply different styles, clear database etc…


Try it below. Refresh the page after you have submitted the rating form to see the results updated.

Here are the rating results using shortcode [display_rating_result]:

3.2/5 (156)

Here is the rating form using shortcode [display_rating_form]:

Please rate this

Shortcode Samples

  • [display_rating_form]
  • [display_rating_form post_id="100" title="My rating form" submit_button_text="Submit"]
  • [display_rating_result]
  • [display_rating_result post_id="100" no_rating_results_text="No rating result yet" show_rich_snippets="false" show_count="true" show_title="false"]
  • [display_top_rating_results]
  • [display_top_rating_results title="Top Rating Results" count="10"]

API Functions

Look at PHP functions available in multi-rating-api.php. e.g. Multi_Rating_API::display_rating_form()

Multi Rating Pro

Multi Rating Pro adds advanced features into the Multi Rating plugin including:

  • Multiple rating forms with different rating items
  • Logged in users can update and delete their existing ratings
  • Allow/disallow anonymous user ratings option
  • Shortcode & API functions to display each rating item result individually
  • Shortcode & API functions to display rating reviews (with comments, star rating, each rating item result and name)
  • Set rating item select option values with text descriptions
  • Widget to display existing ratings of a logged in user
  • Apply category filters to the Top Rating Results and User Ratings widgets
  • Post meta box in the WP-admin edit post page to change the defaults for the rating form, allow anonymous ratings option and change the display position settings of the rating form and rating results
  • Rating forms can optionally include a name, e-mail and comment fields
  • Option to display the rating result back to the user when they submit a rating form
  • Modify the duration in days for the IP address & date validation check for users submitting the rating form
  • View rating results per post and rating form in WP-admin backend
  • Post and category filters to include (whitelist) or exclude (blacklist) certain posts
  • More filters on WP-admin rating results tables
  • More star rating image sprites

Click here for more information and a demo.  


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